Ex-Tennessee Boy Scout troop leader found guilty of child molestation in Virginia

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The Stats Behind Child Abuse

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A former Tennessee Boy Scout troop leader soon will be sentenced to prison after he was found guilty of child molestation in Virginia.

WHBQ-TV broke this story in May after law enforcement officials in Washington state released information about where the former troop leader, Robert Sypole, volunteered.

Sypole, who led a troop at a Cordova church, is now a convicted child molester.

WHBQ spoke to Sypole's stepmother, Laurie Sypole, who lives in Seattle. She said she also is seeking justice against him.

"Our day will come here in Washington," Laurie said.

Recently, a Virginia jury found Sypole guilty of sexual battery and molestation of children.

"I am so glad that these kids will have the opportunity to heal and get the help that they need," Laurie said.

In May, law enforcement gave a release to parents who have children that have contacted Sypole before.

According to the Chickasaw Council of Boy Scouts of America, they have not received any information of victims in Memphis.

Laurie told WHBQ that if there are any other victims in the area, she hopes they will build the courage to come forward.

"They are not alone. I know it can be a dark and lonely place with a secret like that," Laurie said.

In May, the Tennessee church where Sypole volunteered – Covenant United Methodist – told WHBQ that Sypole did not attend the church; he only volunteered there.