‘This isn’t the ghetto’: Indiana family gets letter ripping lawn’s condition


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An Indiana family received a racially charged typewritten letter in their mailbox, which listed the price of lawn care and added that "this isn't the ghetto," WXIN reported.

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Chris Sullivan of Fishers said he checked his mailbox Wednesday and found a folded letter. The one-page note criticized the condition of the family’s lawn, adding that it needed to be mowed and weeded.

“This isn’t the ghetto and your home looks trashy,” the note read.

Sullivan believes his family is being targeted because they are black, WXIN reported.

“The biggest thing is just disheartening,” Sullivan told WXIN. “Sucks that it happened to me, sucks that it happens to anybody in 2017.”

The letter opened, “You might not care what your property looks like but you can at least be respectful enough to mow your lawn and get rid of all the weeds growing around your backyard fence and patio.”

The next sentence contained the ghetto reference.

Sullivan is an Indiana native who moved back from California a few months ago with his family.

Several neighbors told WXIN that the Britton Ridge subdivision’s homeowner’s association was strict about maintaining lawns, but Sullivan said he did not believe the letter he received was an official complaint.

.“In the end result you can’t fight fire with fire, there’s other ways to go about it and that’s what I intend on doing,” he told WXIN. “We are not moving and if you had enough courage you would just say hello and ask me to trim my tree down. I’m human, I eat, breathe, sleep just like you do."

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