Thousands rally behind boy, 5, bullied for wearing nail polish



Members of the Franklin, Massachusetts, community and beyond are rallying behind a boy who was bullied at school for wearing nail polish.

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Sam, a happy-go-lucky 5-year-old, came home from school visibly upset Monday after his classmates mocked his red nail polish.

"His shoulders were slumped down, long, drawn face, and I said, 'Did you have a rough day, bud?' and he just openly balled his eyes out," said Sam's mom.

Some other kids told him nail polish is just for girls, but Sam didn't understand.

"I felt really bad because they made fun of me. I said, 'It’s for boys and girls!' They just kept on saying it," Sam said.

Sam's parents told him that he has every right to express himself, despite what other people may think.

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"You need to hold your head high and be proud of who you are and know that you always have family and friends that will always back you regardless of what you do and what you say and what you wear," said Sam's parents.

In just a matter of days, Sam's story has spread quickly after his dad painted his own nails and posted a photo online.

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And now, the picture has been shared thousands of times and people all over the world have reached out encouraging little Sam to be true to himself.

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This Friday, dozens of people in Franklin will stand up to bullying by wearing nail polish in support of Sam and National Bullying Prevention Month.

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