Tom Brady denied 'Tom Terrific' trademark

Tom Brady's petition to trademark the name "Tom Terrific" has been denied, according to paperwork form the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

In a letter to attorneys for the Patriots quarterback, the USPTO says, "Tom Terrific is the nickname of Tom Seaver."

When Brady's application for the trademark made news earlier this year, New York Mets fans cried foul, as Mets great Seaver has long been called Tom Terrific.

The trademark office agreed with them.

"The nickname TOM TERRIFIC points uniquely and unmistakably to Tom Seaver, and the fame or reputation of Tom Seaver as 'Tom Terrific' is such that a connection between Mr. Seaver and the applied-for goods would be presumed," the letter states.

Brady has distanced himself from the application, with representatives saying he only applied for it so they could keep it from being used to refer to him.

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