Utah man finds woman in his apartment, having a drink and petting his dogs

Credit: PIRO4D/Pixabay

Credit: PIRO4D/Pixabay

A Utah man was startled to find a woman inside his apartment Wednesday morning, who claimed she lived there while she helped herself to a drink and petted his dogs.

"I walked straight in, and she was standing right here on the counter just looking at me, "Ryan Spurlock told KSTU. "I was looking right at her, and a homeless girl was just looking right at me."

Spurlock told the television station he arrived to his North Salt Lake apartment around 4 a.m. and found a woman's shoes placed neatly inside the apartment's entrance. The woman was even wearing some of Spurlock's clothes, KSTU reported.

“She went in my fridge, she opened a drink and she drank it. She sat on my couch,” Spurlock told the television station. “She told me she lives here, I said, ‘No you don’t, this is my place.'"

After talking with the woman some more, Spurlock said he learned she was not there for the food or comfort. She simply wanted to pet his dogs.

"She came up here for one reason, and it was the two dogs. She heard them, and she wanted to come up," Spurlock told KSTU.

Spurlock said the woman then asked if she could stay overnight, and when he refused, she climbed out of a window in the apartment and jumped to the sidewalk, the television station reported.

Spurlock called the police, who found the woman limping a short distance from the apartment. Authorities said the woman had some of Spurlock's clothes and another man's wallet, KSTU reported.

“It felt like a dream, honestly. Even when I laid down, it didn’t feel real,” Spurlock told the television station.

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