Video shows baby thrown from car seat as man assaults mother in gas station parking lot

A baby was thrown from a car seat Friday as a man assaulted a woman who was holding it, video shows.

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In the video, Ronald Ziedman Jr. is seen walking into a gas station with a woman and her 10-month old girl around 2:30 a.m., WISN reported.

After going in a bathroom and changing the baby’s diaper, the video appears to show Ziedman with his hands on the woman as she falls to the ground still holding the car seat with the baby.

The video appears to show Ziedman, 34, grabbing the carrier and sending the infant flying onto the concrete.

Ziedman grabbed the baby and put her in the car, video shows. Police said he then went back over to the woman and continued to assault her to the point that she lost consciousness, WISN reported.

Ziedman then drove off with the baby, police said. A security guard called police and reported seeing him with the baby.

Ziedman was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, child abduction, substantial battery and false imprisonment, according to jail records.

The baby had some bruises but is considered OK, WISN reported.

The woman had bruises and swelling to her face but is expected to recover. The woman told police she had only known Ziedman for a couple of days and was staying with him at his mother’s.

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