Virginia man puts up electric fence to keep kids waiting for bus off yard, removes it shortly after

A Virginia man took an extreme step to tell kids “get off my lawn.” He put up an electrified fence to prevent the students from stepping foot on his property.

Bryan, who did not provide WTVR his last name, told the station "They don't respect other people's land. I pick up trash every day."

In addition to the litter left at the bus stop that was next to his property, he said he had enough with the students fighting and swearing as they waited for their ride to school.

Bryan said he had put up signs about no trespassing, but the signs did nothing to curb the behavior, so he put up the fence that he had hooked up to a battery, WTVR reported.

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But the fence didn’t stay long. He took it down Tuesday. But it wasn’t because anyone got hurt, or any other danger. He removed it because he placed the fence on county property, not on the land he owns.

One neighbor did touch the fence and said that he had a slight shock, but doesn’t think the fence was the right way to go to protect one’s property.

"I understand his concern. I just don't think he understood the neighbors' concern about their kids. One of them could touch it, fall into it and get shocked," James Mehfoud told WTVR.

Bryan said he may put another fence in, but hopes he doesn’t have to.

"The message has gotten across. Parents are posting and talking about it," Bryan told WTVR.

As for the alleged bus stop behavior, WTVR reported that the Henrico County School District 's code of student conduct applies to not only the students while they're at their schools, but also as they're riding the bus and waiting at the bus stops.

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