Walmart employee breaks window to rescue infant from hot car, police say

A Walmart employee broke a hot car’s window Tuesday to save an infant locked inside, police said.

The employee was on break when (he or she) saw Casey Hornsby park her car and walk into Walmart with a child, according to the Valley Times-News. The employee, who has not been identified, went back to work about 20 minutes later and saw an infant in a car seat.

The employee got help from co-workers and people walking by in order to break a window and remove the child from the car, Valley Police Maj. Mike Reynolds told the Times-News.

“The vehicle was off, the windows were rolled up and it was approximately 93 degrees at the time,” Reynolds said. “(People) have all rights to do what they need to do to ensure the safety of a child.”

The child, who was lethargic and flushed, was removed from the vehicle and taken inside the store. After cooling off, there were no injuries.

Hornsby was paged inside the store and after several attempts was found leaving the store. Hornsby told police she had "forgotten the child was in the car," according to the Times-News.

She was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, according to the Times-News. The children were taken into custody by child protective services and then later released to the father.

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