Walmart employee fired after locking coworker in freezer

A Walmart employee was fired after locking a coworker in a walk-in freezer as a prank.

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The mother of the woman who was locked in the freezer doesn’t think it’s enough.

"I want this boy to be arrested, to let him know not to lock people in freezer if they think it's a game," Mary Evans, Dymond Moore's mother, told WLS. "It's not a game."

Moore was filling a cart with items from the walk-in freezer Sunday morning when the other employee saw her and closed and locked the freezer door.

"We made eye contact and he shut the door," Moore told WLS. "As soon as he shut the door the lights went out."

It was completely dark in the freezer, so Moore could not find the emergency exit switch.
She banged on the door for a few minutes until another employee heard her.

"I walked onto sales floor ... He was standing there laughing," Moore told WLS. "I asked him what was funny. He asked me, 'Were you scared?'"

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