Walmart to pay employees’ college tuition

Walmart is looking to better its workforce. The retail giant has announced that it will help pay the college tuition for U.S. employees looking to get a degree.

They hope the move will keep the employees with the company, CNBC reported.

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There are a few catches, though.

The company will subsidize degrees for those who don't already have one. The prospective students must attend either University of Florida, Brandman University or Bellevue University, CNBC reported.

The employees can be either full- or part-time workers, The New York Times reported.

Employees are also going to have to pay a portion of their tuition but it works out to about $1 a day, Bloomberg reported.

Walmart expects about 68,000 of its 1.5 million employees to sign up for the education deal, CNBC reported.

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