WaPo: Another Roy Moore accuser comes forward with evidence of relationship

Another accuser of Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore has come forward with evidence that Moore knew her, despite his repeated denials that he didn't know any of the nine women who have alleged he either made unwanted sexual advances toward them or pursued them when they were teenagers decades ago, according to the Washington Post.

Debbie Wesson Gibson, now 54, who said she met Moore when she was 17 when he came to speak to her high school civics class, told the Post she found a card the Republican candidate gave to her when she graduated from high school, proving that he did indeed know her very well.

Moore, 70, allegedly wrote “Happy graduation Debbie. I wanted to give you this card myself. I know that you’ll be a success in anything you do. Roy.”

Wesson Gibson said she dated Moore several times when she was underage and he was 34.

At a campaign event on Nov. 27, Moore, who first said he remembered several of the women, including Wesson Gibson, backtracked, the Post reported.

"The allegations are completely false. They are malicious. Specifically, I do not know any of these women," Moore said.

Credit: Bill Clark

Credit: Bill Clark

The Washington Post used a handwriting expert to compare the writing on Wesson Gibson's card with handwriting purportedly belonging to Moore in another accuser's high school yearbook, and said the handwriting samples look similar, but a more in-depth analysis would be needed to say for sure.

Alabama voters go to the polls on Dec. 12 to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he was appointed U.S. Attorney General.

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