WATCH: Oklahoma deputy saves toddler who fell from moving car in dramatic bodycam video

Credit: Stelsone / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Credit: Stelsone / iStock / Getty Images Plus

An Oklahoma sheriff's deputy was in the right place at the right time to save a toddler who fell out of a car Monday night.

Tulsa County deputies said they were working a traffic stop near Pine and Yale in Tulsa when the door to a minivan driving by slid open, and a 2-year-old girl tumbled out onto the street.

Body camera video shows the deputy run into the street to save the girl. The girl's mother pulled over and ran to her daughter.

Deputies said there were four other children in the van at the time and only one was properly restrained.

The girl’s mother received several traffic tickets but was not arrested. Deputies said they use discretion in these situations and chose to educate and help the mother instead of sending her to jail. They did make a referral to the Department of Human Services to investigate.

The child was taken to the hospital by the Emergency Medical Services Authority to be checked out. She is OK. Deputies said they’re glad they could be there to save her before she got hurt.

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