Watch the moment game officers step in to lasso-up two bucks locked in combat

A rare video shows the moment that two whitetail bucks were locked in a death grip and game officers had to step in to separate the animals.

The incident occurred in Lincoln, Nebraska, where Lancaster County Sheriff's Deputy Dennis Guthard says he and four game and park officers discovered the scene while responding to a call. After a few minutes of trying to settle the animals down, Guthard and the other deputies were able to lasso the animals and separate them, though they had to saw off an antler. One buck sprinted away while the other was carried to a nearby area until he regained his strength, KETV reports.

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Guthard says “I’ve hunted most of my live and I’ve never seen two animals locked horns like that, that were both alive.” He believes that the animals were competing for a doe when they got locked in combat. He used the phone while another officer lassoed the animals. “It’s just like roping cattle. We rope cattle quite a bit so it’s just another instinct,” Conservation Officer Pudge Donahue says.

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While there will now be a one-antlered deer wandering around the Nebraska wilderness, the animal won’t miss it too much — their antlers grow back every year.

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