Watch: Thief steals $35,000 Banksy print from Toronto exhibit

Credit: Toronto Police Department

Credit: Toronto Police Department

Toronto police have released surveillance video of a man they say stole a Banksy print from an art exhibit in Toronto.

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The theft happened at just after 5 a.m. on Sunday, Toronto police said. It was discovered missing during the exhibit setup.

The suspect is seen on surveillance video with his face covered, wearing a black jacket and camouflage baseball hat.

In the video, the suspect cautiously walked around the exhibit space and grabbed the print off the wall before walking out.

Banksy is an elusive British street artist, known for his pop-up street pieces that are often full of political and social controversy.

The stolen print, called "Trolley Hunters," is valued at $35,000, according to Newsweek. It depicts three hunters, with one aiming a spear at a group of shopping carts.

It was part of an exhibit of over 80 original Banksy pieces, curated by his former art dealer, Steve Lazarides. The entire collection is worth an estimated $35 million, according to the BBC.

The show has come under some criticism, because it has not been endorsed by Banksy.

Critics say the $35 admission fee goes against Banksy’s anti-capitalist message.

The show's publicist said the surveillance video is real and not a publicity stunt, the CBC reports.

The exhibit in Toronto is scheduled to run until July 11.

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