Wedding crasher in northern Alabama stealing gifts, police say

Credit: Queena Deng/Pixabay

Credit: Queena Deng/Pixabay

"Wedding Crashers" was a good comedy in movie theaters.

It's not so funny when it happens in real life, especially if the unwanted guest is stealing the gifts.

Police are looking for a woman wanted for several wedding thefts in northern Alabama, WHNT reporrted.

The latest incident took place in Florence, the television station reported.

Anna Perez Todd, married less than a week, left for her honeymoon, believing their gifts at the First Christian Church of Florence would be safely collected.

"We just were thinking, 'Oh, they'll turn up, it'll be fine.'" the new bride told WHNT.

"We actually had friends going through the garbage," new husband Lee Todd told the television station.

The mystery was partially solved when a friend viewed security footage and saw a woman taking the gifts.

"They sent me a screenshot and said, 'Who is this? We just need to see where she put them,'" Anna Perez Todd said.

Lee Todd said the couple became angry, because all the money they received was for donations to help FOXG1 syndrome, a brain-related disorder, WHNT reported. The couple's daughter suffers from FOXG1.

"All the money was donations," Lee Todd told the television station. "We didn't ask for stuff. We have stuff."

Anna Perez Todd said she talked with several other brides, and the woman attended each of them, WHNT reported.

"She was definitely on a mission. And she wanted to go through as many places as she could. And there's no telling how far or how wide this goes," Perez Todd told the television station.

Florence police said they do not know the woman's name, but she is also wanted for a wedding theft in Limestone County.

"They'll get her, I'm sure they will," Lee Todd told WHNT..

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