What is a ‘sologamist’ and why are people doing it?

More people are foregoing traditional marriage and are opting for becoming ‘sologamists.’

But what is a sologamist?

It's a group of people opting to go solo and marry themselves, WUSA reported.

Many decide to have a nontraditional, traditional wedding ceremony, but instead of walking down the aisle to an awaiting bride or groom, there is no one other than themselves who give and receive their vows.

Erika Anderson, who wore white and carried a bouquet during her ceremony, said she opted for sologamy since she was tired of people asking why she was still single, WUSA reported.

The movement is starting to take hold, and companies are trying to be at the forefront to offer services to the self-wedded.

IMarriedMe.com, a website out of San Francisco, offers ceremony kits. The kit includes a ring that symbolizes, and reminds the wearer, to love themselves.

And it isn’t just an American trend.

Marry Yourself Vancouver has consultants and self-wedding photography.

Cerca Travel in Japan offers a two-day self-wedding package, Cosmopolitan reported.

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