Wisconsin man reunited with class ring he lost in 1970s

A Wisconsin man was reunited with a high school class ring he lost in 1977.

Kevin Kinney graduated from Hayward High School in 1975. Two years later while studying abroad in Europe, he lost the ring while traveling on a train, WISN-TV reported.

“I left the compartment I was sitting in, was walking down the train and looked down at my hand. Oh my gosh, my ring’s gone,” Kinney told the television station.

In November, Kinney said he received an email from a woman in Australia, WKOW reported.

"'I have your class ring,' and there was a picture of it attached to the email, and I just started laughing," Kinney told WISN.

Kinney said the woman's grandfather, who was backpacking across Europe during the 1980s, bought gloves at a flea market in Athens during and found the ring inside them, according to WKOW.

Last year, the woman posted information and a photo on a Facebook group page called "Class Rings Lost & Found,WISN reported.

A member of the group saw the information and checked the Hayward High school yearbook from 1975, the television station reported. The man made the connection that the ring with the initials “KK” on the side belonged to Kinney.

Once Kinney recovered the ring, he gave it to his daughter, WKOW reported.

"Every year, for the last 45 years, at least once a year, I've said, 'I wonder what happened to that ring?'" Kinney told WISN. "Pretty big world, but it's pretty small, too, isn't it?"

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