Woman has more than 400 Christmas trees set up in her house

Shelly Botcher has never found a Christmas tree she didn’t like, and she has never thrown one away.

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This year, she has more than 400 trees set up throughout her house.

"I never get rid of (any). I just add," she told WDAF. "I have burgundy, cream and white. I have my fruit motif, my reds and bronze, purple, black and silver, safari, pink, teal, seashells. So it's sort of fun to see the new things that come out each year and add it to my collection."

Some trees are upside down in order to make space for others. One room has 72 trees in it.

"To me, it can be just a stress reliever with the busy time of year," Botcher told WDAF. "Just looking at it … (it) takes you away from your everyday life for just a minute (or) two."

Not everyone at the house feels the same about the trees.

"This is my husband's room, and he hates this. But as long as he sees the TV, he's OK," Botcher told WDAF.

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