Woman walks into Oklahoma home, tries to take newborn baby, police say

A newborn baby is safe tonight after a woman tried taking him right from his mother's arms, according to authorities in Oklahoma.

Tulsa police said Yvette Perenson-Fuller walked into a woman's home through an unlocked door and tried taking the 10-day-old baby from the mother.

The woman told Perenson-Fuller to go away, but she wouldn't leave, police said.

The victim hid her baby in a bedroom along with her two other young children. Another person was home and he stepped in to get the suspect to leave.

Police said they found Perenson-Fuller wandering the streets outside when they arrived. She appeared to be intoxicated, police said.

Officers said when they took her to jail, she hit two of the jail workers and was arrested on more charges for assaulting an officer.

The victim said she's grateful her children are safe.

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