91-year-old Alabama man works out 3 times a week -- in his overalls

Three times a week, 91-year-old Lloyd Black goes to an Alabama gym to work out.

Black, from Semmes, is the oldest member at Anytime Fitness, but his attire is much different than that of other people working out. Black wears denim overalls as he lifts weights and walks the treadmill.

Black is not trying to make a fashion statement.

"I don't have any hips, and I can't keep my pants up!" Black, a veteran and former high school principal, told AL.com.

Ashely Seaman, the general manager of Anytime Fitness, said she chooses a member of the month on the fitness center's Facebook page. Seaman said she chooses a member who is "showing a lot of progress and dedication. Black, the gym's oldest member, was a natural choice.

The Air Force veteran from Ackerman, Mississippi, joined the gym a year ago along with his second wife, Mary --- Black's first wife died after 48 years of marriage, Military Times reported.

It was tough for Black at first, AL.com reported. He was only able to walk for 10 minutes on a treadmill.

“I realized I was in bad shape," Black told the website. “I could not do simple tasks anymore. That’s what motivated me to do it.”

Now, Black can walk for 30 minutes, does leg presses and works out on upper-body machines, AL.com reported.

"I've been a blessed person," Black told AL.com. "I'm in good health. I thank the Lord for that. I still think humor in life is good."

Seaman said she believed Black can inspire other members of the fitness center.

"If he can do it, why can't we?'" Seaman told AL.com. "Fitness isn't about age. It's about healthy living."

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