3-year-old boy killed in drive-by shooting on Easter Sunday

Photo via WSBTV.com

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Photo via WSBTV.com

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According to Atlanta's WSB-TV, a woman was driving when another vehicle pulled up alongside her and someone inside fired a shot into the rear passenger door. Her child was strapped into the rear passenger seat.

“She saw somebody who was pointing what appeared to be a paintball gun at her vehicle and she heard a real gunshot,” DeKalb County Police Chief James Conroy said.

Police said the incident happened on Eastland Road late Sunday near southeast Atlanta.

The child's mother, Rashonda Craig, told WSB-TV that the situation was like a nightmare. She said she was driving on Bouldercrest Road in southeast Atlanta around 11:30 p.m. Sunday when she saw someone pull up in a gray Dodge Charger and point what she thought to be a paintball gun at her vehicle.

“My baby was sleeping in the backseat when I saw the car come past,” Craig said. “I saw a paintball gun but then I heard a real gun. When I heard the gunshot, my baby started crying. I didn't know my baby was shot.”

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Less than a mile up the road, she said she realized he was hit.

Craig said her son just turned 3 a few days ago and that she has no idea who would do this to him. She thinks it might have been a case of mistaken identity because she was driving a rental car.

Police said they are looking for a gray Dodge Charger with a temporary tag.

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