95-year-old cashier honored for WWII service

Friday was a special day for 95-year-old Lou San Miguel, as his employer, Stop and Shop in Braintree, Massachusetts, honored him not only for his time at the company but also for his service to our country.

“I was here Monday, I’m watching him and there’s no lines, except for his register. Everybody was going through his register,” said Braintree store manager Jim Sarro.

San Miguel has been on the job for 21 years.

“He was a Bank of Boston executive. Retired when he was 74 and someone who was a bag boy had gone on to become a store manager, and said, why don’t you come to work here?” said Sen. Walter Timilty, D-Norfolk, Bristol, Plymouth.

Timilty, Lou’s friends and co-workers at the Grove Street location decided to honor him for his service.

“He’s a great employee and a great guy,” said Sarro.

San Miguel served in U.S. infantry in France, Germany and Italy during World War II.

“But you know, in combat, it’s 90% boredom and 10% sheer terror,” he said.

Timilty met San Miguel on the picket line back in April during the Stop and Shop strike, "and his co-workers were struck by how much they cared about him. Told me his story, how he'd been wounded in action and I thought to myself, we gotta honor this man."

The special ceremony also celebrated San Miguel's birthday, and his bride of 67 years was right by his side.

"I just love the people who come through here, they're wonderful," San Miguel said. We asked him what's keeping him on the checkout line instead of kicking back in his golden years? He said, "My dad used to always say, 'You know son, if you don't work, you don't eat. And that stuck in my head. All my life I wanted to work."

San Miguel also had some advice for future generations: “Have a sense of humor.”

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