62-year-old former Marine breaks Guinness plank record

Some people can’t hold a plank for more than a few minutes, but a 62-year-old former Marine has shattered the record, holding the ab-straining position for more than 8 hours.

And George Hood didn't stop there. He marked the record with 75 pushups, Guinness World Record officials said.

Hood trained for the feat for seven hours a day over the past 18 months, USA Today reported.

The plank that broke the record held by Mao Weidong, who broke Hood's first plank record, came in at 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, the Guinness World Record Officials said.

Weidong broke Hood's original 1-hour, 20-minute and 25-second plank record with 8 hours, 1 minute and 1 second in 2016, CNN reported.

Hood's children urged him to take his title back from Weidong, ABC News reported.

The world record organization broke down Hood’s numbers:

  • Approximately 2,100 hours of planking
  • 270,000 pushups
  • 674,000 sit-ups

But this isn't the first drawn-out planking record. Another organization has credited Hood with a 10-hour plank, USA Today reported.

Hood is not only a former Marine Corps officer, but he also retired from the Drug Enforcement Administration as a special agent. He’s now using his planking platform to shine a light on mental health and the high rates of suicide among law enforcement officers.

He told USA Today that his planking helps him get rid of negative thoughts and helps him work through relationship issues.

Hood said he won’t try breaking another plank record, but instead may try breaking the record for the number of pushups in an hour.

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