5-year-old found sleeping in 'deplorable conditions' with gun on chest, police say

A 29-year-old Manchester, New Hampshire, man has been arrested after police found a young girl sleeping with a gun.

Police were investigating reports of shots fired around 10 p.m. Wednesday when they found 29-year-old Thomas Gulledge outside of the home in question. Several witnesses told police they believed the shots came from the Flaherty Lane apartment.

When officers asked Gulledge about gunshots near his apartment, he allowed officers to search his apartment.
Officers say they found deplorable living conditions including dog feces, trash, rotten food, and flies.

Officers found a 5-year-old girl sleeping on a bed in a room also filled with feces, trash and rotten food. Police say there was a fully loaded .45-caliber handgun in a holster resting on her chest.

Police say the girl had no injuries. She was removed from the home and placed into the custody of a foster family.

Gulledge was taken into custody for two counts of reckless conduct. He is set to appear in court Thursday.

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