If you have bats in attic, government says keep them there

FILE PHOTO (Sgarton/Morguefile license: https://morguefile.com/license)
FILE PHOTO (Sgarton/Morguefile license: https://morguefile.com/license)

Credit: Sgarton/Morguefile

Credit: Sgarton/Morguefile

For anyone who has bats flying around their attic, you may have to leave them there for the next few months.

At least in North Carolina, The Associated Press reported.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission said that homeowners should not seal holes, or any other places that bats can come and go from the buildings. That’s because between May and June, female bats are raising their pups.

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If the holes are sealed and the bats are already inside, they can't get out and will either try to escape through the main part of the house or die in the attic, the AP reported.

It also is illegal to remove them, according to WRAL. There's a law on the books in the state that makes it illegal to remove bats during mating season -- May 1 to July 31, WRAL reported.

Experts say that if bats have moved in, don't worry about it. Bats are usually harmless. But they warn that the animals can carry diseases, specifically rabies, but it's rare, WRAL reported.

"As long as they're not causing you a problem -- like living actively in the structure or flying around scaring your kids -- you just need to let them do bat stuff and eat the bugs until the end of July. They are certainly not evil, and they are good for reducing the mosquito population," Josh Langdon, an exterminator, told WRAL.

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