Nebraska trick or treater bites into needle lodged in Twix bar

A Nebraska trick or treater bit into a sewing needle that was hidden inside a candy bar on Halloween, WOWT reported.

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Bryce and Reanna Ady said their son, Lucas, took a bite out of a Twix candy bar and felt something strange.

“I just unwrapped it and took a bite of it. Then, I felt a poke on my cheek, pulled it out, and there was a needle in it,” Lucas told WOWT.

Reanna Ady said she immediately called Bellevue police. She said she was thankful the needle didn't injure him even worse.

“It could have gotten caught in his throat; something could have been on it and infected him,” she told WOWT. “I was in disbelief, like how did this even happen? How could it happen? That's not a real thing, but it was.”

For now, Lucas said he'll just break his candy piece by piece.

“I was just so amazed that it happened to me, especially in this neighborhood,” he told WOWT.

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