New food comes to COHatch Springfield

‘We really wanted to offer a different experience.’

Myers Burgers & Wings has joined the food family inside COHatch Springfield. The new food joint opened 3 weeks ago, after about a year of planning by its creative team.

The restaurant concept was a collaborative effort, by Christopher Titus, who is the restaurant’s business operator; Gavin Meyers, owner of North High Brewing; and the Matt Davis, the CEO of COHatch.

“We were just having fun, and said, ‘What is Myers Market missing?’ And we thought ‘Cheeseburgers and chicken wings.’ So we were like, ‘Let’s do this.’ It took us about a year to really get this thing going, just because we were opening so many other places around the state. It took us a little bit, but it’s working out well,” said Titus.

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The restaurant closely worked with COHatch, and North High Brewing, a well-known brewery in Columbus.

“We have a unique partnership with COHatch,” Titus said. “They are trying to help us expand our business across Ohio and into other states. Myers Burgers & Wings is actually owned by a brewery in Columbus, North High Brewing. We also operate three other, what we call “brew pubs” with COHatch.”

The business name pays homage to the name of the original Market, as well as the owner of North High Brewing.

“We saw the unique opportunity to open another fun and exciting concept within the Market. And what other name to call it than ‘Myers Burgers & Wings’ to pay homage to all the history that the building has, as the building was originally ‘Myers Market.’ Also, one of the owners of North High Brewing is named Gavin Meyers, so we wanted to pay homage to both,” he said.

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The restaurant’s logo, featuring the silhouette of a burger with a pair of wings, takes inspiration from the rock band, Van Halen, a favorite of Titus, clearly reflecting the creative approach to the business.

“We really wanted to offer a different experience, a different product that you couldn’t find at the Market, which was three things we do really well, which is cheeseburgers, chicken wings, and eventually soft-serve ice cream and milkshakes,” he said.

The ice cream and milkshake products will join the permanent menu by the end of July.

Titus says he is excited for the future of the restaurant, to both provide fun food for the community, and give employment opportunities.

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“The thing that got me most excited about Myers Burgers & Wings was that it’s contributing to the community, from a place where they can go and enjoy themselves, eat some great food,” Titus said. “The other thing I’m excited about is to employ more individuals within the Springfield community, and to just welcome more people to into our family.”

In spite of difficulties throughout the pandemic, successes are being seen for the business as it continues to grow.

“During COVID, we had 12 employees, and now we have over 100, so we’re growing exponentially, we’re growing very quickly, and we have a big family within the organization,” Titus said. “So it’s pretty cool to have more people be a part of this, which is what I get most excited about.”

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