Man car-surfs along California freeway

Southern California has plenty of waves, but one man decided to surf a moving truck instead.

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According to KTLA, the California Highway Patrol has launched an investigation into a video of a man car-surfing along the 15 Freeway in Corona, Calif. The video, which shows an unidentified man hanging from the side of a moving pickup truck, was taken by Jennifer Driscoll-Frerichs, who reported the Saturday morning incident.

"My only thought was that it was pretty dumb,” Driscoll-Frerichs told KTLA. “I was just cruising down the freeway with my husband and I saw someone start to get out of the window. He made it all the way out and was dancing on the side of the car."

Despite being on the freeway, the stunt was not as dangerous as it could have been. Traffic was only moving about 10-15 mph, and reached as high as 30 mph during the stunt. As speeds picked up, the man could be seen diving back into the car through an open passenger-side window.

Driscoll-Frerichs posted the footage of the stunt on social media, accompanied by the caption “how stupid people can be in a stunt like that — trying to be cool.”

Nobody was injured as a result of the car-surfing incident.

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