New Texas strip club named Emergency Room raises concerns

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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New Texas Strip Club’s Name, Emergency Room, Raises Concerns

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The name of a new Texas strip club is causing controversy before one dancer has gone on stage, KENS reported.

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San Antonio officials and residents are concerned that the Emergency Room Gentleman’s Lounge could be mistaken for an actual emergency room, the television station reported. That could become a problem for people attempting to reach a real emergency room in a medical crisis, officials said.

Michael Shannon, San Antonio's development services director, said that the strip club's owners did not apply for a permit to put up the sign, which will result in a $300 fine, KENS reported. Shannon said the city sent out a legal notice and the club's owners have five days to respond, the television station reported.

"Our city and state code does not have any regulation on the sign content," Shannon said.

Shannon told KENS that his staff spoke with the club's owner and asked him to make some changes to the sign.

"It could be anything," Shannon told the television station. "Again, I have no code requirement that I can make him change anything.

"I mean, when someone brought that up and said someone could be confused to think it is an emergency clinic or a hospital-type facility, we could see that a little bit," Shannon said. "It is kind of in that gray area, so we want them to be clear."

Owners of the club have not responded to requests for comment.

The club's Facebook page shows a photo of strippers dressed in provocative nurses' clothing.

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