A new type of chocolate? Yes, and an Oakwood shop just received a shipment of it

Oakwood chocolate shop Madame Delluc Artisan Chocolatier will introduce the Dayton area to new type of chocolate starting Friday, May 25.

"Ruby Chocolate" was developed by Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut, and his firm has a long-standing relationship with Mary Chocolatier, the Belgium-based company whose chocolates are sold by the Madame Delluc shop at 2510 Far Hills Ave. in Oakwood, according to Francoise Walusis, founder of the Oakwood shop.

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The pink color comes naturally. Ruby chocolate gets its pinkish color from the red bean of a specific type of cocoa plant grown in Brazil, Ecuador and Ivory Coast.

Walusis described the taste as fruity, with a berry-like sweetness that lingers.

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“I’m still learning about it, and everything I read, it’s a bigger deal than I thought,” the Madame Delluc owner said.

The ruby chocolate is available in only one product in the Oakwood shop: the “Truffe Champagne Rose,” in which the ruby chocolate enrobes a center of dark chocolate mousse. The truffles are then rolled in powdered sugar, mostly obscuring the pink hue of the ruby chocolate, although the berry flavors that Walusis described do come through in the aftertaste.

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The special ruby-chocolate-enrobed truffles will sell at the shop for $3.25 per piece. Other truffles that are enrobed with “regular” milk, dark or white chocolate cost $2.15 per piece.

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For more information, check out the Madame Delluc Artisan Chocolatier web site.

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