New York man, 99, walks 6 miles daily to visit wife in hospital

Credit: Morguefile

Credit: Morguefile

An elderly New York man sets an example for the younger generation every day.

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Luther Younger, 99, walks six miles round trip daily to visit his wife of 55 years in a Rochester hospital, WIVB reported.

Younger walks in all weather conditions -- and he has traveled in heat, rain and snow -- to visit Waverlee, who he calls “the sweetest cup of tea” he ever had, the television station reported.

Waverlee Younger was diagnosed with a brain tumor nearly nine years ago, and doctors at the time believed she only had five years to live, according to the couple’s daughter, Lutheta Younger.

Luther Younger said his daughter has offered to give him a ride to the hospital but he prefers to walk.

"I got a wife. I don't want to wait on the bus. I want to go up there to see my wife," he told WIVB.

Luther Younger said he grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, and is a former Marine who fought in the Korean War, the television station reported. His derives his strength from his military training.

"People tell me to act my age — yeah, right," Younger told WIVB. "They're jealous because I don't drink, I don't smoke, because it's no good. I wouldn't be here (if I did)."

His strength also comes from his love for his wife.

"She is a beautiful lady and she treats me as a person is supposed to be ... she made a man out of me," Younger told WIVB. "That's why I love her, because she's tough. She's not weak ... That's the kind of woman I want."

Younger's daughter started a GoFundMe account two weeks ago to help with hospital expenses, and donations have topped $52,000.

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