It’s one of the best times to buy that new TV

Just in time for Sunday’s Super Bowl, now is one of the best times of the year to get a great price on a new TV.

James Adams of Middletown said he found his dream TV Tuesday at the Best Buy in Dayton.

“We started to go Black Friday, but we were told the Super Bowl was probably a better time to buy one,” Adams said, who purchased a Samsung 75-inch 4K TV. “It started out at about $4,800 and I got it for $3,200.”

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This is the best time to buy a TV, according to Stuart Bidinger, Best Buy general manager in Dayton.

“Some of these deals are way better than what we had for Black Friday,” Bidinger said, including 55-inch 4K TVs starting at $399.

It's important to consider what type of viewing experience you want before you start shopping around, according to

How big do you want to go? Do you want 4K or 720p or 1080i? Do you want a smart TV to download apps or do you want to connect a streaming device?

According to Clark Deals, if you want to go small and lower resolution, an Insignia 39-inch LED 720p is on sale now for $149.99 at Best Buy.

Thinking large and crystal clear? Silo has a 75-inch 4K Ultra HD on sale for $999 at

If you’re in the middle, a 50-inch Sceptre 1080p TV is priced at $259.99 at, and a Hisense 60-inch 4K is $479.99 at Best Buy.

If you haven’t heard of Sceptre or Silo, don’t worry about it, Howard said.

“Buy the biggest screen size you ever think you will never need and buy a brand you’ve never heard of because it's more important that you get a modern TV that's as big as possible, instead of worrying about the brand that’s slapped on it,” Howard said.

The next round of TV deals comes in April, when older models go on sale to make way for the latest and greatest, according to experts.
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