Turkey pot pie is the best

Some people say it’s apple or pumpkin.

Those people are wrong.

Other people go with lemon meringue, strawberry, chess, chocolate or cherry.

They are misguided.

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Fact is that turkey pot pie is the best pie ever created.

The savory delight even trounces my favorite sugary treats, pecan pie and sweet potato pie.

How can it not?

Thick and tender chunks of turkey, celery, potatoes and carrots covered in gravy and baked between flaky crusts.

I just gave myself the vapors writing about it.

Me oh my I want some turkey pot pie. 

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You may want to fight me on this one and say that turkey pot pie is not even the most superior of the pot pies.

You’d lose.

Turkey pot pie is better than beef pot pie, chicken pot pie and vegetable pot pie.

This wonder of the world brings America together because turkey is the meat of family, friendship and fun.

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Turkey gravy is the gravy of joy.

The turkey center stage at Thanksgiving AND Christmas (if you are lucky).

Chicken is boring.

Beef is blah.

Vegetables are nice side dishes.

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Turkey pot pie is the best pie in the world and I am not embarrassed to say so.

I know this is a controversial statement with it being pie season and all.

It shouldn’t be.

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Turkey pot pie rules, all the other pies drool.

Not only does turkey pot pie represent the best of pie kind, it also shows great respect to hearty soups.

You’ve guessed it, turkey pot pie is a hearty soup and a pie at the same time.

The next time you want turkey AND pie, eat a turkey pot pie.

It is possible to eat turkey pot pie with a fork or/and a spoon.

You can really get nutty.

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Turkey pot pie is king and deserves its own holiday.

Parents should leave gifts under the turkey pot pie.

There should be turkey pot pie carols and a Turkey Pot Pie Claus.

Turkey pot pie is as American as apple pie.

Everyone deserves their slice of the American turkey pie … everyone.

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