Ms. Pam’s Old Dayton Style Fried Chicken is now just Old Dayton Style Fried Chicken after the namesake manager parted ways with the restaurant’s owner.

Local fried-chicken restaurant reopens without former manager 'Ms. Pam.' She has her OWN plans.

A Dayton fried chicken restaurant has reopened with its third name in five months, and its manager has split from the restaurant and is launching her own food trailer this week.

The former Ms. Pam’s Old Dayton Style Chicken at 2920 Wayne Ave. has become Old Dayton-Style Fried Chicken, according to Gary Keller, the restaurant’s owner. Former manager Pam Jackson, for whom the restaurant was initially named, is no longer with the restaurant, Keller said.

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Jackson told this news outlet that she is looking for a new location to open her own restaurant, but until then, will serve from a mobile unit, starting later this week. The location is not yet determined. This story will be updated with any new information about a location.

For more information about the Wayne Avenue Old Dayton-Style Fried Chicken, call (937) 496-5064.

For more information on Pam Jackson’s food trailer, call (937) 938-9868.

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Chicken in the fryer at “Ms. Pam’s Old Dayton Style Golden Fried Chicken” on Wayne Avenue near Belmont High School. MARK FISHER/STAFF
Photo: Staff Writer


A Dayton restaurant that ran afoul of another restaurant’s trademark just as it was opening its doors for the first time in December has removed its offending signage that had been corrected using duct tape — and also is dramatically expanding its menu.

The restaurant now known as Ms. Pam’s Old Dayton Style Chicken at 2920 Wayne Ave. triggered a trademark dispute when it hung a sign proclaiming itself “Ms. Pam’s Parkmoor Style Dixie Fried Chicken” in December. That restaurant name prompted a swift “cease-and-desist” order from an attorney representing Fricker’s, the local restaurant and pub chain that has taken steps to register and protect the “Parkmoor” name for fried chicken, Ms. Pam’s founders said.

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As a result, Ms. Pam’s owners Gary Keller and Pam Jackson capitulated by covering up, with duct tape, the “Parkmoor” and “Dixie” on the sign in front of their new restaurant near Belmont High School. Now, that original sign has been removed, and, “Hopefully, we’ll have our new sign up by the end of the week,” Jackson said late Monday.

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In December, Keller made it clear to this news outlet that he still believed his fried chicken tastes better — and more true to the flavor of the original recipe served at the Dayton-area Parkmoor restaurant chain — than any other version that he had tasted. But he said he would do as the cease-and-desist letter demanded, to avoid a legal battle.

This sign didn’t last long in the form you see here at the Dayton restaurant now known as Ms. Pam’s Old Dayton Style Chicken. This photo was taken in early December 2017, before the restaurant opened, and before its founders received a cease-and-desist letter. MARK FISHER/STAFF
Photo: Staff Writer

“I didn’t want to spend $60,000 in court and lose,” Keller said at the time. “They have the rights to the name, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

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In its heyday in the 1960s, Parkmoor operated more than a half-dozen restaurants in the Dayton area, and at least 10 more elsewhere in Ohio and in Michigan and Indiana. The fond memories of Parkmoor chicken is evident in a long, nostalgia-filled thread of comments on

The Frickers restaurant in Huber Heights started serving Parkmoor Chicken in 2009, according to a Dayton Daily News column by Dale Huffman published in August of that year.

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Jackson previously worked for the Church’s Fried Chicken chain in the Dayton area.

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The restaurant’s 2,000-square-foot space previously housed Oaked and Smoked, a deli that specialized in smoked salmon; a New York Pizza shop; and Tony’s Italian Sausage.

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The Ms. Pam’s menu includes fried chicken pieces, chicken tenders, chicken livers and boneless chicken. And the owners have recently added several items to the menu, including desserts such as sweet potato pie, house-made banana pudding, German chocolate cake and vanilla cake; chicken & noodles; barbecue chicken sandwiches; chicken wraps; and beef hot dogs. Sweet tea and kids meals also are now available, Jackson said.

For more information, call (937) 496-5064.