Pennsylvania 911 dispatcher wrote Trump daily for a year

Credit: Pool

Credit: Pool

The White House receives thousands of letters every year, but one probably stood out on a daily basis.

Since Donald Trump was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017, Alanna Kane, a 911 dispatcher in Pennsylvania, has written 313 letters to the president, WKBN reported. Kane, 47, who works in Mercer County, penned a note every day for a year, except on Sundays. She mailed them in Kraft paper envelopes so the letters stand out, WKBN reported.

While the letters to the president are handwritten, Kane also keeps copies on her computer.

“I’ve got all kinds of advice in here — environmental advice, energy, DACA, tax reform, healthcare reform, anything. There was no shortage of things to write about,” Kane told WKBN.

The White House sent back nine responses, all with Trump’s signature on them, Kane told WKBN. Some were simple thank yous and others explained the president’s position on an issue.

Kane doesn’t know if Trump actually read her letters, but her husband said he is still proud of her.

“I always thought it was a very valid expression of trying to communicate with your leaders,” Jason Kane said.

“I didn’t want to come across as divisive or confrontational, but I wanted to be honest,” she said.

Kane said she is toying with the idea of talking to a publisher about printing the collection of letters.

“Thankfully, I’m done. This was exhausting,” Kane told WKBN.

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