No dogs in shopping carts: Publix enforcing service pet policies

Credit: Spencer Platt

Credit: Spencer Platt

Publix shoppers in Florida are starting to see new signs regarding service animals in stores.

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A Publix spokesperson told Cox Media Group the policy is not new and the signs are meant to alert customers to store policies. These policies are in place in all stores nationwide.

According to the Associated Press, signs are showing up in Publix store windows that read:

“For food safety reasons, only service animals that are specifically trained to aid a person with disabilities are permitted within the store. Service animals are not permitted to sit or ride in shopping carts.”

The service animal signs -- which include a paw print with a slash through it -- indicate that dogs cannot ride in shopping carts, according to the Associated Press.

American Disability Rights seemed to support the rule enforcement.

The organization tweeted, “Four on the floor! #stopdisabilityfraud.”

Another group, called Stair Step Dog Training, also voiced its support for the rule on Twitter.

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