Restaurant hopes this behemoth menu item puts it on the map

Wayback Burgers may be the new kid on the burger block, but it’s got a giant ally in its corner.

The restaurant, which opened at 7690 Voice of America Centre Drive in West Chester Twp. earlier this year, offers a Triple Triple, a nine-patty, nine-slices-of-American-cheese behemoth that found itself in the spotlight Monday during the 11th annual Triple Triple Challenge.

Customers who paid for the 2,200-calorie carnivore’s dream attempted to down it in record time, vying for $3,330 in prize money.

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Those who typically decide to dine on the Triple Triple order it to go or eat at the burger joint in a more casual fashion, local franchise owner Nayeem Aziz said, recounting stories of prior orders.

“There was a guy who came here and said ‘I want to enjoy it’” before completing the entire burger at his leisure, he said.

Aziz, who lives in Middletown, said he found the Wayback Burger approach appealing because of the freshness of its ingredients, including the meat, fries, buns and ice cream.

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“The ice cream has no additives, and it’s made for Wayback and … the meat comes from Michigan, and it comes vacuum-packed in three-pound, three-ounce packs, and before that it is scanned for any bacteria,” Aziz said.

The Triple Triple is joined on the menu by eight other signature burgers, but customers can create a customized burger as a single or double with any of a variety of toppings. That includes everything from mushrooms, relish, grilled onions and jalapeños to mayo, chipotle mayo, honey mustard, tangy BBQ, slaw, avocado, Buffalo Bleu and Wayback Gold sauce.

Sandwiches include chicken, turkey, fish, vegetarian and hot dog options. There are also two fresh salads — garden salad and chicken Caesar — as well as side dishes galore, including mac & cheese bites, Irish nachos, house-made chips, onion rings, O-fries, french fries, cheese fries and chili cheese fries.

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A seasonal special Pumpkin Pie Milkshake also is available, as is new menu item Super Single burger, which offers 5 ounces of beef compared to 3.3 ounces for a single burger or 6.6 ounces for a double burger.

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