Ridgewood teacher remembers Pullins for his sheer love of art

In the 23 years she taught art at Springfield’s Ridgewood School — and over the nine years she spent with many students — Dee Dee Rigney remembers three who were extraordinary for their sheer love of art. David Pullins is first among them.

Pullins now is the co-curator of a major new exhibit opening soon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

“He was one of those kids from early on that excelled in art; but he not only excelled in art, he loved it. He loved the everyday process and the creating,” she said.

“An excellent student” and “a kind student” who “loved to learn,” Rigney described Pullins as being “almost picture perfect,” to the point she sometimes wished he’d act up.

She remembers specifically his dedication to exploring the history of artists of many varieties – “because (the ones she assigned) weren’t always the Van Goghs.

While he clearly had fun, “I just knew it was more than that” Rigney said.

And, yes, she’ll be visiting The Met soon.

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