Scary: Woman avoids injury at ax throwing venue

It was cutting edge entertainment, but a woman had to use fast reflexes to dodge a flying ax.

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A viral video from a Denver bar called Bad Axe Throwing shows an Instagram user named Ainsley Rae throwing an ax and then ducking quickly when it bounced off the wall and nearly hit her in the head on the rebound, People reported.

Her boyfriend, Cam Huber, was filming when the incident occurred and almost was hit, too.

What looked like fun could have been a fatal accident.

"Oh my gosh, I am so glad I didn't get hit in the head," Ainsley Rae told "Inside Edition." "Now looking back at it, I do realize it was really close."

While "Inside Edition" reported the incident occurred in Phoenix, Mario Zelaya, a representative for Bad Axe Throwing, told Fox News said it happened in Denver and called it a "one-in-fifteen-million" occurrence.

Ainsley Rae’s boyfriend posted the video on Instagram, and she shared it too, writing, “That axe almost got me.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, Ainsley Rae's video has nearly 133,000 views. The same video on her boyfriend's account has more than 94,000 views, People reported.

Matthew Sylvester, who operates an ax throwing venue in Brooklyn, New York, called Bury the Hatchet. He told "Inside Edition" that an impact board would have prevented the ax from rebounding. The bar in Denver did not have one, Sylvester said.

"This is so terrible," Sylvester told "Inside Edition." "There is a little too much power in a little later in her release, otherwise she would have done fine."

Ainsley Rae later said neither she nor her boyfriend were drinking at the time, People reported.

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