Eclipse will cross U.S. for first time since 1918

"The Great American Eclipse" will cross the United States on Aug. 21, CNN reported.

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It has been 99 years since a total solar eclipse crossed the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The total solar eclipse on June 8, 1918, crossed the country from Washington to Florida.

During the solar eclipse, the moon will pass between the sun and the Earth, appearing to block the sun for almost 90 minutes.

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The eclipse is expected to cross the country from Portland, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina. Residents in other parts of the country will see a partial eclipse.

Scientists and space enthusiasts are already booking hotels for the big moment, CNN reported.

A spherical animation of the August 21 total solar eclipse. By the NASA Scientific Visualization Studio. Well done!

Posted by Great American on Monday, March 13, 2017