Sheriff’s office warns of scam caller posing as captain

Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck is warning residents of a variety of scam calls reported to the sheriff’s office, including one where a caller is a posing a captain claiming the recipient has a warrant out for their arrest.

The caller says his is Captain Brad Daugherty from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and that the resident must pay their bond with a money order, cash app or another method to avoid arrest.

Some scam callers can clone phone numbers to seem more legitimate when they show up on caller ID. A phone number may appear to be from the sheriff’s office, when the number was actually spoofed.

“These scammers can be very convincing and while in hindsight it may be easy to blame the victims, please keep in mind that these ruthless scammers are very successful at targeting people from all walks of life and age groups,” Streck said.

The sheriff’s office never calls residents and threatens to arrest them for unpaid fines, warrants and missed court dates. Anyone receiving a similar call should hang up and report it to their local police department.

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