3 things to know about Dayton's biking history

Dayton has a rich history as a hub of bicycling innovation, and the region continues to be on the forefront of biking today. 

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Here are 3 things to know about Dayton's bicycle history:

1. More than 300 companies were manufacturing bicycles at the height of America's bicycle boom in the 1890s

2. George P. Huffman, the owner of the Davis Sewing Machine Co. in Dayton, recognized the growing trend and in 1892 began making bicycles. He transitioned his company from sewing machines to bicycles as the Huffman Manufacturing Company, the maker of Huffy bicycles

3. Wilbur and Orville Wright bought their first safety bicycles in 1892, according to the National Park Service. Orville spent $160 on a new Columbia safety bicycle and later Wilbur bought a used Eagle for $80. 

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