Detail of the implosion of the Rikes-Lazarus building.

WATCH: Remember the time this Dayton building was blown up?

The photo above shows the Rikes-Kumler building downtown being imploded in 1999 to make way for the Schuster Center. 

Another big explosion is coming this weekend when the Ohio Department of Transportation plans to implode a half-century-old southbound steel truss section of the of the old Jeremiah Morrow Bridge in Warren County.

That brings to mind other times things have been blown up on purpose. Here are two:

Schwind Building, downtown Dayton 

Aug. 17, 2013 

Schwind Building Implosion.09

As charges set off 50 pounds of dynamite, the 12-story building at 27 S. Ludlow St. shuddered, twisted, and collapsed nearly straight down. The plan at the time was to make way for a student housing project that has yet to materialize. 

Built in 1913, the building was best known as home to the Moraine Embassy restaurant.

Mad River Power Plant smokestack, Springfield 

Nov. 10, 2010 

Ohio Edison Stack Collapse.10

A nearly 300-foot smokestack brought down by explosives at an old Ohio Edison power plant in Springfield toppled in the wrong direction and sent spectators scrambling before knocking down two 12,000-volt power lines and crashing onto a building housing backup generators. 

No injuries were reported after the 275-foot tower at the unused 83-year-old Mad River Power Plant teetered and then fell in a southeast direction — instead of east, as originally planned — seconds after explosives were detonated. 

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