Trump Vandalia Rally

Donald Trump speaks to thousands at Dayton airport

The hangar is at capacity.

Trump acknowledged the giant crowd as soon as he arrived.

“We had to put people out on the runway,” he said.


Man arrested for rushing stage at Trump rally

Arrest report for Thomas DiMassimo


The crowd chanted “Build that wall,” at Trump. Trump kept the crowd going by saying “We’re going to build that wall.” Then said Mexico is going to pay for it.

Toward the end of the address someone made a move toward Trump near the stage and security jumped on the stage surrounding him.

After the incident, Trump went ahead with his address.

“Is anything more fun than a Donald Trump rally?” Trump said.

“Our jobs are being sucked away, our military can’t beat ISIS… our borders are like Swiss cheese,” Trump said to the energetic crowd.

Trump said he’s in support of waterboarding.

“I’m 100 percent fine with waterboarding…and it should be increased,” Trump said.

There were no major issues yet at the event, unlike the Trump rally in Chicago Friday night which had to be canceled due to protesters. There’s been a few reports of someone being removed from the event.

“He’s a whackjob,” Trump said as one person was escorted out.

When another protester was escorted out

Trump went after his challengers Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the first few minutes of the Dayton address.

“Ted lifts up that Bible, then he puts it down and he lies,” Trump said of Cruz.

Trump also slammed Ohio Gov. John Kasich for his work at Lehman Brothers and his vote for NAFTA as a congressman in the 1990s.

Trump and Kasich are locked in a tight race in Ohio, which heads to the polls on Tuesday.

“He’s not tough enough,” Trump said about Kasich.

He called Kasich “weak” on illegal immigration.

“Kasich is a baby, he can’t be president.”

Trump’s giant plane landed at the airport around 10:50 a.m.

Some rally-goers have to watch the event from the traditional air show entrance nearby, because the hangar has filled.

The Wright Brothers Aero hangar is packed with Trump supporter waiting for the Republican front runner’s remarks.

Donald J. Trump fans at the Dayton airport rally say they support him for these reasons.

Larry Roseberry, 69, Springfield

“The fact that it needs to be different from what it is.

Carol Allmyer, 58, West Chester Twp.

“I think he speaks the truth. We need a businessman.”

Vicki Winget, 60, New Carlisle

“I’m sick of all the, I feel, corruption. And he’s putting his own money into it.”

Dale Morris, 65, of Bethel Twp. in Miami County said he hasn’t decided who he is for but wants to hear what Trump has to say.

“He says a lot of things people like me want to hear, like making America great and bring jobs back. I want to hear how he plans to do that before deciding.”

People in the crowd seem to be talking about everything from Bengals football to whether Trump should select Gov. John Kasich as his running mate should Trump get the Republican nomination. Some people are also discussing the protests that cancelled Trump’s rally in Chicago Friday night.


Kasich criticized tone at Trump rallies

Ohio Gov. John Kasich criticized the tone of Trump’s rallies and the incidents in Chicago on Friday.

“Donald Trump has created a toxic environemnt,” Kasich said Saturday in Sharonville. ‘There is no place for this.”

Read more on Kasich’s remarks here

Some in the crowd also are talking about Bernie Sanders supporters, saying “all they want is free stuff, and they don’t have jobs.”

There’s a mix of opinions about John Kasich — some saying he did a good job for Ohio, while others call him too liberal and criticize his support of Ohio’s Common Core-based school standards.

Several protesters also are beginning to line up near Dixie Drive to express their opposition to Donald Trump.

The cancellation of the Trump rally in Chicago Friday night has not impacted the Dayton event, according to the campaign.



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Trump and Kasich are competing for Ohio’s 66 delegates, the second highest number being chosen on March 15 behind Florida. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio have not planned any Ohio visits as of yet.

Kasich has repeatedly said he has to win Ohio to keep his campaign going.

On the Democratic side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will address Democrats at a dinner in Columbus Sunday followed by a town hall event that will air on CNN from Ohio State University.



People from across the region have started to arrive at Wright Brothers Aero ahead of Donald Trump’s rally, scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

  • Line stretched for at least a quarter mile at 7:40 a.m.
  • Metal detectors being used as people enter event
  • Vendors are selling hats, shirts, buttons and other Trump items

We spoke with some people waiting to hear the Republican front-runner speak:

Linda Ismael, Covington, Kentucky

Ishmael arrived around 1:15 a.m. to claim her space in line ahead of Saturday’s rally.

“I’ve never been this excited and this much into an election in my life.”

The Covington, Kentucky native said she thinks Donald Trump is the candidate to vote for.

“He’s going to make America great again. I feel it in my heart. I’ve known it.”

Curt Jones, Bradford

Darke County native Curt Jones said he expects Donald Trump to say what some people in the country want to happen.

“Whether people agree with his opinion or they don’t, he speaks his opinion…you don’t hear that from other candidates,” Jones said. “He may make enemies, but he’s speaking what the people of this country want.”

Todd Varvel, Tipp City

“We just truly think he’s what this country needs,” Varvel said. “This country is in trouble and we need a powerful leader that’s kind of above all the nonsense.”