Taylor Swift concerts will happen even if there are weather delays, Paycor Stadium director says

Just like Cincinnati saw Thursday night, the weather isn’t always so “Enchanted” in the Tri-State. There’s a possibility of storms this weekend, which could impact not only the Taylor Swift concerts but Cincinnati Reds and FC Cincinnati games.

City and county leaders said Tuesday the Taylor Swift concerts will go on rain or shine, but there could be delays if there’s lightning in the area.

“I am so ecstatic, I cannot wait I’m like so over the top happy right now,” said Swiftie Kabie Pachicano.

To make sure she’s prepared, Pachicano is getting down to Paycor Stadium hours before the show.

“I know I’ll be standing all day and I have boots that are not going to be comfy, but it will be fine,” Pachicano said.

There’s potential trouble in the forecast with storms thought to be moving in Friday and Saturday night.

“I’ve tried not to pay attention to it because I’m just hoping for the best — we have a plan in place, the show will go on throughout rain,” said Duane Haring, the Bengals’ director of stadium and event operations, who said the only thing that will stop the show is lightning. “If that should show up we’ve got a plan in terms of using all of our video messaging boards to communicate to the fans in the stadium.”

Cox First Media content partner WCPO requested a copy of that weather contingency plan but has not received it. It’s unclear who makes the call to postpone the event, and outside of communication with fans through a video messaging board, WCPO hasn’t seen any other specifics.

“We drove all the way from West Virginia, like far West Virginia, so it cannot rain,” said Cara Henry.

Last month, Nissan Stadium in Nashville delayed the Taylor Swift concert for more than three hours because of lightning in the area. The show ended around 1:30 a.m. with Taylor Swift’s song “midnight rain” living up to its name.

“Ponchos, raincoats, positive thoughts,” said Amanda Robinson.

While Swifties hope this will not be a “Cruel Summer,” they hope any potential storms turn out to be “Sweet Nothing.”

“I’m going to bring a poncho just to be prepared just in case but either way like obviously she’s done some rain shows so I think she’ll still put it out there,” said Pachicano.

Anyone attending the concerts should also check what you can and cannot bring into the stadium. Much like going to a Bengals game, you will not be allowed to bring an umbrella with you into the stadium.

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