Texas death row inmate who stomped baby's head asks for execution

A man on death row in Texas for stomping his 3-month-old baby to death in 2008 filed a motion this week, asking to waive his appeals in an effort to receive the death penalty sooner, the Houston Chronicle reported.

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Travis Mullis, 31, was convicted and sent to death row in 2011 for the death of his son, Alijah.

In his motion, Mullis asked to fire his attorneys.

"I support my death sentence and want it carried out ASAP," he told the Chronicle in a letter earlier this year. "I was sentenced to death, not indefinite detention."

In January 2008, Mullis took his 8-year-old daughter to a schoolyard and attempted to molest her, the Chronicle reported.

When the girl began crying, Mullis brought her home but decided he would get in trouble because he “stepped over the line,” the newspaper reported.

On Jan. 29, Mullis, pondering his future and fearful that his daughter would speak about the attempted molestation, drove to Galveston with Alijah sleeping in the car. But when the boy awoke and began crying, Mullis first molested him, then stomped on his skull, the Chronicle reported..

"I make stupid decisions, what can I say," he told the newspaper. "I did it on impulse and killed him right after."

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