6 of the greatest things that happened to Dayton in 2015

If you were staying up-to-date with world news, it’s safe to say that it’s been an interesting year.

International relations, reality TV, Bill Cosby, Adele — the list goes on. All of these things had a way of shaping world culture and the way we viewed it.

Yet throughout all the uncertainties of 2015, there is one thing that remained consistent. Dayton, Ohio stood out, shined bright and reminded all of us that it's a pretty spectacular place to live.

Let these 6 awesome things that happened in 2015 be a reminder of why we love Dayton so much -- and a reason to celebrate.

1. Dayton’s Fifth Street named one of Top 10 best places in the U.S.
Fifth Street
Source: Dayton Daily News

We already knew it. It was only a matter of time before the nation learned it as well. On Oct. 1, The American Planning Association (APA) named the strip of East Fifth Street in Dayton’s Oregon Historic District as one of five “Great Streets” in the U.S.

2. President Obama names a national holiday after the Wright Brothers
Wright Brothers
Source: Dayton.com

"Straight outta Dayton," we screamed! On Dec. 17, Dayton's most famous brothers got a day of their own. On this day, President Barack Obama named it Wright Brothers Day in an annual proclamation to mark the Dec. 17, 1903 flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C.

3. Dayton was recognized as one of The 10 Most Artistic Mid-Size Cities in America Most Artistic Cities
Source: Dayton.com

On Nov. 19, the entire country recognized Dayton as one of the best cities for the arts. Dayton was named one of The 10 Most Artistic Mid-Size Cities in America, according to GoGoBot.com.

4. Dayton named one of the most affordable cities by Forbes Affordable cities
Source: Dayton.com

On Mar. 17, the world learned that not only is Dayton fun, but we’re affordable, too. Forbes magazine recognized Dayton as one of the most affordable places to live in the country.

5. Downtown Dayton Music Video Premiere
Downtown Dayton
Source: Dayton.com

“Downtowwwwnnn,” is how the song goes. On Nov. 17, Nucleus Co-Share premiered the much anticipated Dayton Music Video, which features a parody of Macklemore's "Downtown" by the local band Juxtapoze.

6. Dayton chosen to host international trails conference in 2017
international trails
Source: Dayton.com

Although the conference is happening in 2017, the news came and made 2015 all the brighter. California-based American Trails selected Dayton for its 2017 International Trails Symposium because of the partnerships and variety involved in southwest Ohio’s trail system, according to Candace Mitchell, communication specialist for the organization.