These 2 big Centerville projects are changing housing options near former movie theater site

Two Centerville apartment projects are adding the type of housing not constructed in the city in decades, officials said.

The projects, Allure and Gateway Lofts, are progressing as planned, said City Planner/Zoning Administrator, Andrew Rodney. Allure is a $25 million, 312-unit apartment complex development on Loop Road, and Gateway Lofts is a 40-acre site on East Alex-Bell Road that will include 14 walk-up apartment buildings with 256 one-bedroom units and 104 two-bedroom units.

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“The Allure is continuing construction on several buildings, most notably Building 1, which can be clearly seen rising above I-675,” Rodney said. “A leasing trailer will be placed on-site to begin signing up new tenants.”

He added that there have not been any major delays with the development in that area.

“Generally speaking, all permits necessary for development on both projects have been approved,” Rodney said.

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The property behind Cross Pointe sat idle for at least 10 years after the Showcase Cinemas theater closed in 2006. The site remained unoccupied until 2014, when the theater was demolished. The new housing developments not only help the area improve, but they are the first significant multi housing family projects in Centerville since the 1990s, officials said.

“These two project represent the first substantial investments in multi-family housing in the City of Centerville since the mid-1990s,” Rodney said. “Both projects combined will generate over 700 units, bringing potentially thousands of new customers for Cross Pointe Center and other nearby purveyors of goods and services.”

The developments are hoping to create housing options for those looking to downsize and young professionals who want to live in Centerville, Rodney said.

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“ We expect they will be successful in the marketplace for decades to come,” he said.

Mayor Brooks Compton said the multi-family housing adds a needed element for Centerville.

“There’s so much in the area and the fact that Centerville has not added any multi-family in a very long period of time, this is a need the area has,” Compton said.

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