Video by Mark Fisher. 

Timothy’s owner gives scoop on bar remodeling near UD

The iconic University of Dayton hangout Timothy’s Bar & Grill is set to start major exterior renovations on Monday.

Marty Brown, co-owner of the iconic bar, sat down with the Dayton Daily News to share the details of the makeover.

“We’re not changing the inside,” he said. “It will still be the same Tim’s you know and love.”

The exterior of the bar’s building will be remodeled, he said. The right half of the front will be replaced with glass, and a patio area with tables and chairs are going to be added for bar-goers.

Brown said he hopes the exterior project will be finished in October. Structural work will also happen in the future — adding new sprinklers and support beams — in anticipation of expanding the second floor.

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Though plans for the second floor are still fluid, it could include a kitchen for food and incorporate more a “laid back” style, Brown said.

The bar does not plan to shut down for construction as of now, the owner said. During the summer, the popular hangout is only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays while students are gone for the break.

Brown said most students and alumni have reacted positively to the changes. Some used social media to express discontent over the bar’s plans.

“Don’t change our beloved Tim’s” was the sentiment of one Facebook commenter, and that sentiment was shared by several others. Other comments were more supportive, including “Woo! Can’t wait to come back and visit.”

Here’s the full text of the announcement, which was accompanied by an architect’s rendering of the new exterior of Timothy’s (the reference to “Rats” refers to the acronym-nickname well known to UD alumni of “Regulars At Tim’s”):

“After over 50 years of serving the greatest university in the world, Timothy’s is getting a makeover. We are proud to be a part of Dayton’s great revitalization. Over the next couple months, you’ll notice some changes. Moda4 Design has created a fresh new look for the outside of our building, including a patio. Rats, don’t worry. The inside of Tim’s that you know & love so well won’t change. This is just the first phase of our plan to grow along with the UD community. Details on our second floor expansion coming soon.”

Staff writer Mark Fisher contributed to this report.