Good Samaritans pull woman, children from burning vehicle

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Good Samaritans Pull Woman, Children From Burning Car

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Good Samaritans jumped into action to pull a woman and her children from their burning vehicle.

A car and Jeep collided in Cecil Township, Pennsylvania, Sunday night, knocking the Jeep onto its side. Both vehicles caught fire.

Brent Liggett and his fiancé drove up to the intersection where the crash happened, saw the flames and heard yelling.

“I just remember him yelling, ‘There’s people in there,’ and the neighbor is yelling, ‘It’s gonna blow.’ When he said, ‘There’s people in there,’ I slammed the car into park,” Liggett said.

He said he didn’t think, he just ran to help. He and two other men pulled the mother and her children from the vehicle.

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“The screaming, the flailing of arms, crawling through the car. It was horrific. I just remember I hooked my arms under her and pulled her and got her away.”

Liggett said the woman was screaming for her children.

“I told her they’re all out, but I said, 'You and me gotta get away. We’re still too close. I put her on my shoulder and walked up the hill,” he said.

Moments later, the car exploded.

The woman didn’t want her name released, but friends said she pushed her children out of the way, trying to save them before herself. She and one of her children remain in the hospital, being treated for burns.

“I don’t think it’s so much heroic as it is being human. She deserves to be alive, and I would do it again tomorrow,” Liggett said.

The other driver and one of the good Samaritans also went to the hospital.

No citations have been issued.

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